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ENERGY PARK in crete

Orienteering στην Κρήτη

The Energy Park is the one that combines adventure activities, all-in-one spot! The park can be set up on a square, plateau, hotel's premises and comprises activities that apply to both individuals and teams. In this park no competition exists: each participant tries to overcome their own self and have a lot of fun!!!

In the park metal towers of 6 metes height are set up and tied together so that both offer the following activities:

energy park rock climbing crete Climbing Wall: a wall of 5m height, strewn with holds which enable a participant’s ascent on it. According to the agreement, a speed climbing competition can be arranged for two participants at the same time!
energy park rappel crete Rappel: the descent from the towers, by using ropes and safety equipment
energy park flying fox crete Flying Fox (zip line): the descent from the towers using an inclined wire rope and special equipment attached to participant’s waist
energy park roller balls crete Roller Ball: a big ball of 3m outer diameter that participant moves by running/crawling in it! According to the group’s total number and available space, a single or two balls may be used
energy park bungy trampoline crete The Bungee Trampoline: awesome looking construction providing the fun of trampoline with the safety of the bungee cords attached to the waist of each participant ensuring that he does not get out of the tarpaulin. According to the group’s total number of two, three or four - ply tarpaulins may be used

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