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Mini Olympics στην Κρήτη“Become” a Gold Medalist and give to your team the satisfaction of the winning, against your friends’ one!

Cretan Adventures can organize for you unique Games so you can escape from the usual Olympic sports! A multi-activity camp for children and adults that want to fell children again, which can “be set up” indoors or outdoors such as beaches, hotel or restaurant premises, etc. Participants will take part on a daily program divided into groups.

The Mini Olympics process

Each team tries to collect the greatest possible number of points participating in outdoor and different activities. Each one of the team participates in each activity contributing on such way to the final score. The teams should show collaborative spirit and plan their moves so as to overcome any difficulty they will find in their way to the victory. They should move bulky objects, collect floating goods, cover distances on man-powered boats, construct various puzzles in the water, etc.

Participants will be involved in a half or full-day program, participating in groups and all teams of the 8-10 persons each, can be involved to the Games simultaneously!

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