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Orienteering in crete

Orienteering στην Κρήτη

Orienteering is the procedure that has to be followed in order to go from one place to another by using a compass and a topographical map. The map shows to the users the area that they are located or where they want to go while the compass keeps them oriented in going to the right direction.

Cretan Adventures can organize the activity of Orienteering for you, your business, your colleagues or your company and by combine it with outdoor activities can give to all participants the joy of cooperation as well as the competition not just with the “opponents” but also with themselves and the time that …passes by!!!

Orienteering outdoors is simple, yet requires focused concentration of the participant and/or all the members of a team. It allows you to chart your own course and arrive at your destination but it is quite likely that you know where you are going, but do not know what lies between you and your destination: natural or artificial obstacles, outdoor activities (i.e. archery, climbing, spider’s web, etc) or the wizard who will give you the next clue only if you reply correctly to his questions!


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