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An event of Treasure Hunt, in whole can give the chance to everyone work in teams, manage a whole project, be motivated to plan, delegate, take on responsibilities, etc.

In doing so everyone would participate in full in the activity, get involved in answering questionnaires, live by walking, visiting and experiencing the Cretan and Greek History & Culture, participate in drills, games and physical activities through out the route.

Treasure Hunt Process

Treasure Hunt in CreteThe whole group divided in teams under specific names (i.e. Greek citizens, alphabetically, etc) and distinguishing colors, are gathered for a briefing. Each team is briefed and guided to the starting point. The venture commences by giving to the participants a map of the treasure hunt’s area, and a questionnaire.

The questions can be referred to the Greek ancient History, Cretan history, civilization, architecture, culture, etc. On the given map there are several Stations (activities), which are obligatory and multiple discovery points that are voluntarily. Each station or discovery point equals to a certain answer, amount of points, directions. Participants get involved in a number of activities and receive after each activity hints to where the Treasure is.

Participants have to plan, decide the fastest route and visit certain places/points. Each place gives the answer to questions in order to achieve the maximum of points. Maximum activity duration varies on the demands of each case. Winner will be chosen only among teams that appear at finish line the appointed hour and/or has found the Treasure! Cretan Adventures’ assistants will be appointed to certain spots to provide help needed...

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